“Smells like 5 am.”


It smells like 5 am is not just a catchy line, it is a resilient mindset steeped in purpose.


It is a meditative practice used to focus on aligning conscious desires and personal goals by repeating the phrase for personal contentment.


A Smells like 5 am mindset fuels the personal resilience needed to set and achieve any goal that requires a self-confidence boost. When you find your commitment to your goals and decisions falling to the wayside and getting off course, your smells like 5 am mindset kicks in, and a remembered purpose renews your hope.


Just like when you're working out, and get tired your first reaction is to stop, but instead, you tap into your internal reserves and produce one or two more reps. 


That's a 5 am a mindset.


Purpose & Passion


Provide strategic support to move you from your adversity into your prosperity.



Help you rediscover your destiny.




Teaching the masses to connect the purpose and passion dots that lead to personal and professional growth.




God-fearing ▪ Committed ▪ Loyalty ▪ Honesty ▪ Compassion ▪ Respect ▪ Courage ▪ Emotional Intelligence (EQ) ▪Service to Others




"Jesus Wept”

`John 11:35


Personal Midnight Hour Song Picks


▪ It’s Working – William Murphy

▪ I Need You Right Now - Smokie Norful

▪ Victory - Yolanda Adams

▪ Can’t Give Up Now – Mary Mary

▪ Jesus – Kem

▪ You Just Don’t Want to Know – Bishop Marvin Winans

▪ Go Get It – Mary Mary

▪ Trouble Don’t Last Always - Rev. Timothy Wright

▪ It’s All God – The Soul Seekers Ft. Marvin Winans

▪ Be Blessed – Yolanda Adams

▪ Wake Up! - John Legend and The Roots 

▪ Open My Heart - Yolanda Adams

▪ I Won’t Complain – Rev. Paul Jones

▪ Never Would’ve Made – Marvin Sapp

▪ My Souls Is Anchored in The Lord - Douglas Miller

▪Changed – Tramaine Hawkins

▪ I’m Blessed – Charlie Wilson



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