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 International Speaker

"Why Faith?"

"Purpose in your relationship with Jesus"

"Share the need to understand your purpose" 

"I Am enough!"

"Yes, I can"

'Choosing Your Life on Purpose and With Passion"


"Rediscovering Your Destiny"


Transformational events are available to teach you how to become a better stronger you.


Dr. Marlena is a walking miracle known for turning her near-death experience into a mission to save her sisters from the snags and challenges of everyday life. Sharing her real-world experiences, she provides an entertaining and educational, but unapologetic transparent look at what led to her emotional bankruptcy and the peace fueled path that led to discovering her purpose and passion. She provides keynotes and workshop sessions for women ministry, events that usher women into their season of growth and as well as any association meetings that are passion filled motivational and full of best practice results on what the faith-filled successful do differently. Dr. Marlena is known for her appeal to a wide variety of women by delivering realistic, result-driven information with professional savvy and approachable warmth. Her entertaining and engaging delivery style combined with in-depth subject knowledge makes her a favorite with clients who want to move beyond the limitations of traditional “best practices" and set breakthrough objectives to achieve maximum personal success. All keynotes and workshops are customized to meet your needs and goals.

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